Local Scholarships

Local Scholarships

Instructions for applying for one or more of the various scholarships offered by local businesses, patrons of the district, and local organizations.

Click here for a listing of all local scholarships.

Students are encouraged to turn in their applications early so that any problems encountered with these directions can be corrected and the forms resubmitted before the deadline.

The Local Scholarship application form must be printed and is available in the right column of this page.

The application will not be accepted if these directions are not followed.

The student may write the name of the scholarship by hand if they wish but it must be printed neatly and is the only blank, other than the signatures, that does not need to be typed.

  • The application must be signed by a parent and the student.
  • Do not fill in the section marked "Counseling Center Use Only."
  • The application must be printed on standard white printer paper, no colored paper or paper with designs.
  • The application must be turned in on time, the 3:00 pm deadline will be strictly observed.
  • By filling out a form and marking the name of the scholarship as "GV Various" you will be entered for all three of the following scholarships: STAYTON AND PATRICIA (DAVIS) PARR SCHOLARSHIP, FOUNDATION SEED MONEY SCHOLARSHIP, ED McRELL MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP. Do not submit a form for one or more of the scholarships individually.
  • If the scholarship asks for additional information, that information must be typed and stapled to the back of the standard form. Any directions given for the additional information, such as length restrictions, must be followed.
  • Any local scholarship money awarded must be used by Nov 15 following graduation or it will be forfeited.

Tips for Filling Out the Scholarship Application

  • Double check your entries for spelling and accuracy
  • "Total number currently attending college": Do NOT include yourself
  • "Work Experience":
    • Dates: Use a "mm/yy - mm/yy" format, like "09/18 - 04/19"
    • Hours per week: show the average per week during your employment
  • "Honors and Awards, Community Service, Activities, Leadership Positions":
    • For Year use 9, 10, 11 and 12 for Freshman, Sophomore, Junior and Senior
    • For Community Service:
      • Dates, use "mm/yy" format like Work Experience section
      • Hours, specify "total hours" or "average hours per week"
  • "Course of Study": Be sure and mark all weighted classes with an asterisk (*)

When you are finished filling out the application, have at least one other person look it over for errors and omissions. When they are finished, look it over again yourself!

Application form for local scholarships


Application form is due to the Guidance and Counseling Center by February 1, 2024 or March 1, 2024 by 3:00 pm depending on which scholarship you are applying for. Late forms will not be accepted for consideration.


Below please find the Local Scholarship Application form. Once the document is open, please select File and then Make a Copy to fill out and save your application.

Local Scholarship Application Form


Both local and national scholarships can become available or unavailable at any time. If you find any scholarship listed that becomes unavailable please let the counseling office know.

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