Attendance Requirements

To be eligible for the A+ financial incentive, a student must have a 95% cumulative attendance record beginning with their freshman year. Students are expected to attend school regularly and to be on time for classes. Therefore, the student will acquire the habits of punctuality, self-discipline, and responsibility. A student who does not meet the 95% attendance requirement will not be eligible for the A+ financial incentive. The following attendance guidelines are required of all students participating in the A+ Program:

  • Students who graduate at semester are not eligible for the A+ grant until the summer college term.
  • A cumulative attendance record will be kept from the beginning of the student’s freshman year until graduation.
  • The official record of attendance is kept by the high school attendance office. Students attending Fort Osage Career and Technology Center/CTChave their attendance reported daily and their records maintained in the high school attendance office.
  • Cumulative attendance information is available in the A+ office.

Attendance Appeals Process:

Anyone making an appeal should use the “A+ Attendance Appeal Form” available from the A+ office. Documentation relating specifically to the appealed absences should be included with the waiver. (i.e. doctor’s note must include statement indicating specific condition or treatment).

Appeals must be made within 15 days of the absence. One copy of the documentation along with the appeal form must be turned into the A+ office. A second copy of the documentation is to be turned into the high school office for their attendance purposes.

Waivers requested for previous school years will not be considered.

All granted attendance waivers will be on record until the end of the senior year and manually recalculated.

Attendance Appeal Guidelines:

Anyone submitting a request for an A+ attendance waiver of days missed shall provide the A+ Coordinator with the following official documentation. Only the following types of absences may be appealed.

Chronic health problems

Letter from physician with explanation
of illness. (Copies of bills or school
excuses is NOT sufficient)


Letter from physician

Catastrophic illness
(long term hospitalization)

Letter from physician

Court dates

Court letter

Principal's approval

Religious holiday

Letter from clergyman

Personal/Family Calamity
(fire, flood, etc.)

Principal's approval

No student will receive a waiver if absences are due to any of the following:

  • Personal/family vacation
  • Suspension from school for any reason
  • Transportation problems (unless on a late school bus)
  • Dental or other routine doctor appointment
  • Truancy
  • Skipping Classes
  • Exchange student
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